A Poem for Leah & Family

A China Doll with eyes so blue
Beauty beyond words, delicate & true
I wish this Darling Leah girl
Dreams & Wishes & Childhood twirls
To live each day with health abound
To wear her Cinderella crown
To play and laugh and skip around
To have a happy heart surround
Her world, her life, her family too
The beauty of this child who
Deserves a chance to live her life,
Dressed up excited, first day of school
To dance her days in Daddy's arms
To live her life with Princess charms
To walk the beach with Kylie too,
build sandcastles through the years of youth
Watch sunsets with her Mother Dear,
whose heart holds many unshed tears.
A family's dedication with love beyond words
The depth of love for those little brown curls
for the China Doll...brilliant eyes of blue
Captured our hearts without a clue.

Written by Ruth Maxwell with Love & Prayers & Blessings
June 15th, 2005