This website will be updated as time permits; We will add to it little by little so please do not feel offended if your name is not listed.

First off, we would like to say Thank You to everyone that took the time to visit this website. Also, many thanks to John Kaley for creating this web-site for us and keeping it up-to-date in such a timely manner. Thanks so much John!

Thank you to our families for your support and prayers and especially to Mom James who spent many hours helping us address Thank You cards.

Thank You to Sister Joyce for helping us with the majority of the Thank You cards. Thank you also for being just so wonderful.

Thank You to St. Mary Mercy Child Care Center Staff and all of the parents that send their children to this wonderful child care center. You have been so generous and supportive…..we will never ever forget what you have done for us.

Thank You to Northville Christian School for all of your continued prayers, and for making us always feel like we are part of one very big loving family. Your support and generosity is an unexpected blessing to us.

Thank you to Fr. John and Fr. Voghan. Fr. John for you many visits to anoit Leah even though you had to drive some distance. Fr. Voghan for your laying on of the hands.

Thank You to Ford Motor Company (where I work) for hosting a jeans day and for your support. Please keep a job for me! Your support means a lot.

Thank You to Chrysler UAW NTC (where Phil works) for hosting the Sweet Potatoe Pie sale and for the Purple Ribbons for Leah sale. Your support means a lot to us.

Thank you to all of the auction committee members. You all helped more than you will ever know. We now have some freedom to search and try different options plus we had so much fun meeting week after week. You all did something for us that we will never ever forget!!!! Time is so precious and my wonderful friends listed below were never selfish with it but took time away from their own families to help ours. Thank you with all of our hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love each and every one of you and I owe several of you some wine.
Anne and Paul Doulette
Kelly Tapp
Sue Dillon
Eileen Ames
Sharon French
Colleen Farmer
Denise Donegan
Kris and Herb James
Lynn Osaer
Karen Swinkin
Josann Iwanka
Jackie Solack
Shelly Jacobs
Pat Hernandez
Cindy Yono
Cathy James
JoAnn Pischke
Kelly James
Annette Marrs
Denise Garcia
Kim Cislo
Mary Cioma
Brooke Cioma

Lora Baker – Thank you for sharing your journey with me. I hope we will always be in touch with each other.

Lauren Lucas – Thank you for photographing Leah. It was great to meet you and I can’t wait to see the book!

Kelly and Sandy – love you guys and it really comforts us to know you are in our corner.

Thank you to those working on the new fundraiser at Genetti’s. Lindsey Perkos, what a huge heart you have! Nancy Hackett – I am so glad you came into my life. You are such a sensitive caring person that really gets it even though you have never been through such a tragedy. I love you both and thank you to both of you for doing so much work.

Karen Huston – our paths crossed for a reason you know. I will never forget our plane flight together. You are so cool and kind! Anne, what can I say? You are always there for me and I don’t really know what I would do without you. Cindy and Lynn, Kelly and Kelly, Su and Colleen, you are great support for me. Thank you.

Jan D’Acenzo (probably spelled that wrong). What a caring heart you have? Thank you.

Mom and Dad Cioma – Thank you for everything. We love you!

Mom and Dad James – Thank you for everything. We love you!