June 11, 2011

A big thank you to everyone that attended our 4th annual Family Fun walk for Leah’s Happy Hearts and to all of those that made a donation and/or solicited for pledges. We made just over $17,000.00 because of all of your generous donations which will enable us to donate to the children’s book this year. Thank you all for a very special and successful walk!

Special thanks to all of our generous sponsors, food sponsors, Jeff Backus from the Detroit Lions football team, Dr. Muraszko chair of Neurosurgery at U of M hospital, Miss Uffie the clown, Northville Township fire department, all of the NCS students that helped, Mrs. Jost the 8th grade teacher at NCS, Kohl’s volunteers, Bird’s Butterflies for the butterflies, and Winged Occasions for the doves, the Kaley family for donating the IPAD2, and last but not least my board of directors who worked so hard in putting this event together. For all of those children that collected pledges and especially Wyatt Lussier who managed to collect pledges of $500.00 in one day by soliciting friends and neighbors; Great job!!!! There were about 4 other children that collected $500.00 in pledges so thank you for the great job and commitment.

We had a great time in Michigan and it really feels like home every time we come back. We miss it very much and wish we could come back this summer.
Again thanks to all of you that continue to follow Leah’s journey and stay tuned.
Kylie and Leah’s Mommy forever and ever
May 26, 2011

Hi friends,
Exciting news – 2 things! First off, I wanted to give you an update on our upcoming walk in Northville at Maybury State Park. The walk will be held on Saturday, June 4th at 10:00 a.m. Please come out and join us as we step together to make hearts happy and find a cure for pediatric brain tumors. We will have a current Lions football player there signing autographs for you, a clown, face painting, pizza, butterfly release and possible dove release (if weather permits) and a raffle with all kinds of goodies. For each $25.00 you receive in pledges you can enter yourself into the raffle of your choice, and this year we will have an IPAD 2 up for a raffle for those that collect $500.00 in pledges.
Please come and join us. We encourage you to register online at www.leahshappyhearts.org or of course you can always register at the walk. Hope to see you there!!

Secondly, Leah’s Happy Hearts has been nominated as one of the top 10 charities to be in a contest for $10,000.00. We need your help to win and all you have to do is vote for us and spread the word to all of your friends. Please go to http://www.detroitmagic.com/10kvotingpage.aspx Thanks for your support!

We are doing okay, homesick, but the bottom line is that Kylie doesn’t want to start a new school again and I can’t blame her. With that said, we will probably have to stay here until she finishes school or home school her and then we can move anywhere that has work. We moved her twice and now it needs to be about her. She misses friends in MI but they are scattered all over at different schools and being as shy as she is, she just doesn’t want to have to go through the whole “fitting in” at school again. Homeschooling is an option we are considering but I’m leaving that up to her. We will continue to learn about it and find out more about options in MI. Her modeling agency is pretty much demanding she home school but again, her choice with our guidance of course.

We still miss Leah with all of our heart and soul. Hard to believe she would be 11 right now. Wow! We have lots of decisions to make this summer so we are praying for guidance and direction. Please pray for all of the children that have gone before us and for those that are battling a brain tumor right now as it is a very heavy cross to carry. I love you Leah and I will forever miss you.
Many Blessings and Peace,
Angel Leah and Kylie’s Mommy forever,

My precious angel Leah,

Happy 11th Birthday in Heaven! What a cool birth date, 01-11-11. I can’t even begin to tell you how much we miss you and think about you. The tears today will fall more than most days, the feeling of you in our hearts will be felt more than most days, and the horrible large hole in our hearts will be hurting more than ever.

A lot has changed in the 5 1/2 years that you’ve been gone. We moved to Florida and out of the house that you lived in. That hurts me now and what really hurts is that I can’t care for you anymore at the cemetery. I’m thankful for the friends we have that look after things but I still hurt that I can’t be there. Your sister is a model and a great swimmer who won many ribbons at her meets. All in all we are okay but a far cry from the happy family the 4 of us were. We live every day without you as best as we can and we always look towards the future when we will all be together again.

Our Christmas free shopping event at Mott hospital went well and we were able to provide gifts for approximately 100 children and babies. We also provided fun no-tie fleece blankets for them and a snow globe with their picture in it. Kylie came down with the flu so I had to stay back in FL with her, but Phil was able to go and partake in the event. Thanks to all of our donors and walkers that made this event possible through your generous donations.

Speaking of walks, we have set the date for our next walk and it will be the first Saturday of June which is June 4th. Please mark your calendars for 10:00 a.m. with registration beginning at 8:00 a.m. We are going to work hard to make this the largest walk ever. We will be donating this year for pediatric brain tumor research and a goal of mine is to help the new Women and Children’s Mott hospital in some special way but we haven’t chosen the exact project there we will donate to yet. Of course as always we will keep you informed as donations and their amounts are dispersed.

As I lie on Leah’s bed and look at photo albums I am aware of what a happy family we were. Did I take that for granted? Perhaps a little but I know that I loved my girls as much as any Mom could ever love their kids and I still do and always will for that matter. I wonder about prayer, faith, and I will always question things more than ever because if there was ever a person that didn’t deserve to have her life cut short it was Leah. Leah was the sweetest, most delicate little girl I ever met and she certainly loved life and always smiled. Rarely was she sad, but always laughed at even the smallest little things. She had a great life and she loved her family, friends and all her neighbors (ok, except 1 house) so for the short life she lived, she lived with a happy heart. She loved her daycare and preschool, she loved her cat and her sister Kylie, she loved her books and her neighbor Megan, her grandparents, her neighbors Mr. Paul, and Miss Annie, good friends Katie, Morgan, Olivia and too many others to mention. She was just a happy happy little girl with a happy heart! I thank God for the 5 1/2 years with Leah he blessed us with and I’m thankful that he picked me to be her Mother. I will always miss and love you my precious baby girl. We will always miss your happy heart. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you saw the purple balloons we sent to you; All 11 of them.
Kylie and Leah’s Mommy forever and ever,
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